Kalvara 10MG



Kalvara’s Cannabis Cocktail is served in a 2-ounce bottle of water topped with a patented, nitrogen- pressurized Vessl “cap.” The cap contains both a natural, proprietary, citrus-flavored liquid and THC. Each is suspended in the nitrogen at
100 pounds per square inch. When the cap is twisted, the nitrogen injects both ingredients—exactly 3.5 milliliters of liquid and 10 milligrams of THC—into the water.

Moreover, the bottles can be reused—along with a new cap—so consumers can infuse the beverage of their choice.

Kalvara is betting its infusion technology will allow cannabis enthusiasts to sip infused beverages without drawing unwanted attention during social situations. “If you have a party, people wouldn’t necessarily light up and smoke. But if you can offer them a beverage, they feel at ease in consuming the product,” said Aaron Harris, Kalvara’s chief operating officer.


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